Writing Discussion Essays in IELTS Writing

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1. Introductory paragraph: A very common trick to nail your introduction paragraph is to read the question thoroughly, look carefully as to what it is asking, and then paraphrase it. You need to present your hypothesis in the introduction paragraph without making it sound like a repetition of the question. Remember, IELTS does not require you to provide a hook to your introductions.

2. Body Paragraph(s): The question has three prompts- discuss one view, second view and opinion. then use two paragraphs to elaborate on the two views. Remember to pay attention to questions that state “discuss both views and your opinions.” These questions will take a three-pronged approach to splitting body paragraphs: the first two paragraphs for two views, the third one for opinions.

3. Conclusion: Make sure your conclusion has the right amount of reasoning in relation to your body paragraphs.

And there you have it! A concise guide to IELTS Writing Task 2. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs to gain bite-sized insights into IELTS Writing: Tips and Tricks.

Now that you have understood the structure, take a look at some sample answers:

Sample 1: Some people think that modern technology is making people more sociable, while others think it is making them less sociable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some suggest that contemporary technological developments promote social interactions, while a few others that the contrary is true. In my opinion, personal characteristics impact one’s ability to be outgoing.

According to a few, today’s scientific applications make people’s ability to interact better as the former have the capability to create a huge network of like-minded people. A mobile application, Bumble, prompts users to interact with strangers by showcasing profiles having similar attributes. Such an intuitive feature would enable individuals to overcome the awkwardness to mingle. However, these triggers are still not sufficient for someone who is inherently submissive.

Some others feel technology has negative correlation with one’s sociability. Automated points of sale and internet banking services minimise any social interactions that an individual has, including even the basic greetings. An average human spends at least 1 hour each day to purchase commodities, which without the use of technology, would allow interactions with a minimum of 2 unknown people. Psychologists believe that this can eventually change the way a person behaves altogether as he or she would be habituated to being in social isolation. This too cannot necessarily inhibit an outgoing person to interact with strangers.

In my view, it is a person’s characteristics that influence his or her sociability the most. If the individual is introvert, who is someone who requires firm encouragement, the ability to socialize will not be affected by any tool. Similarly, any automation cannot hamper the innate tendency to stop making social interactions. Modern software tools can only change the way a human interacts temporarily, based on what the situation demands.

To conclude, a few people think that social networking is impacted by modern technology, whereas others believe that it is boosted by the latter. I believe that no amount of intuitive technology and automation can surpass the effect that a person’s in-born traits have on sociability.

Sample 2: Some people believe that elderly employees are more useful to a company, while others believe that young employees are better. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Elderly employees add more value according to some, whereas to others, young employees are better for a company. I concur with the latter thought as young employees react better to change.

Some people think that older employees are beneficial for a company because of the experience and knowledge that this group carries. Older individuals possess an enriched past experience about industry trends, changes in economy and customer behaviour. This ability enables these people to contribute their expertise to the company in designing new products, framing marketing strategies, and optimizing cost and delivery time. However, since older employees consider taking quick actions a hasty approach, companies prefer having a healthy number of younger employees on their payroll to ensure there is quick implementation.

Others think that younger employees are better suited owing to their capability of acting upon any strategy dynamically. With a naturally higher physical and mental stamina, they are able to perform any task diligently, thus accelerating a company towards success. Individuals belonging to older age groups take up tasks only linearly, which can be a hindrance to a company’s deliveries. For the same reason, I believe that a company should not jeopardize its success by having a higher ratio of older to younger employees.

To conclude, while older people have the ability to share their insights for strategizing, younger people have an even better capability of swiftly acting upon these strategies. I believe that only quick actions can lead a company to great heights and hence, younger employees are certainly more useful than older employees.

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